Soft Tissue Laser Frenectomy TRULY Sets Enclave Dental Apart!

November 25, 2015

Recently I wrote a short piece of my personal story regarding lip and tongue ties (Ankyloglossia), and ultimately, why I am so intent on bringing this awareness to other mothers and babies struggling in the same way I did. The procedure mentioned in that story is called a frenectomy. This is a very short and painless procedure I have performed on HUNDREDS of babies and children over the years, and fully plan to bring relief to hundreds and hundreds more!


Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic, which is free of benzocaine, is applied on the lip or under the tongue, where the frenum connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This ensures the child feels no discomfort during, nor after the procedure. I then use a very small, precision, soft-tissue laser to release the fibers and relieve the tension on the lip and/or the tongue, so the tongue can move freely. Lip and Tongue tie can cause cavities, gap in the front teeth, trouble with feeding, chewing, speech, etc. Usually, there is no bleeding and the laser greatly reduces the risk for infection. Healing and regeneration is stimulated by the laser’s energy, so recovery time is also much quicker. Some babies even sleep through the procedure! The whole encounter, from your consult to the time you leave, will take no longer than a typical dental visit for routine cleaning! (more…)

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