Invisalign Improving Southlake Smiles

What is the first thing others notice about you? Do you think it’s the shoes you decided to lace up this morning? Are they checking out the cool shirt you picked out? In most instances, your smile is the first thing noticed, and a healthy, straight smile can have a dramatic effect on the personal and professional aspects of your life. Most Americans, however, do not have naturally straight teeth, as misalignment and overcrowding begins to take hold during the developmental stages. So, is it possible to obtain a straightened smile? Enclave Dental, located in Southlake, TX, offers an alternative to traditional braces in the form of Invisalign.


Invisible Braces for the Smile of Your Dreams

Adults seeking straighter teeth generally do not wish to undergo traditional orthodontic treatment. Braces, the tried and truth method, are the go-to way to straighten teeth, but many do not want to deal with metal wires and brackets, as they need a lot of care and, aesthetically, look slightly juvenile. Invisalign, on the other hand, does not force patients to have metal appliances cemented and tightened to their teeth. This treatment uses sets of clear, customized aligners to push teeth into the proper place. These aligners fit perfectly around your teeth and allow you to keep your natural smile. And because Invisalign is removable, you can eat, brush your teeth, or do what you need to without the sets getting in the way. There are no dietary restrictions with this treatment.

Effective Invislign Treatment

Dr. Thomas, a masterful practitioner, and her friendly, attentive team of experts want to give you a dazzling, straight smile. When you arrive for you initial consultation, we will discuss the treatment and see if it’s the right option for you. If we proceed with Invisalign, our team will take 3D images of your mouth, teeth, and gums. The images are sent to a certified Invisalign laboratory, where your personalized aligners are crafted. When we receive the aligners, we will schedule another appointment to give you the sets. There are several aligners, which will be worn in a specific order for a specified amount of time, so we will walk you through the details to ensure your treatment goes as planned. With proper care and the help of our attentive staff, you will have a mouth of perfectly straight teeth in 9 to 18 months.

Schedule your Appointment for Invisalign

Our office is equipped with the best dental technology available, and our staff has the skills to provide our unmatched services to every patient. If you are considering our Invisalign treatment, call us today and schedule your consultation. We are happy to serve the communities of Southlake, TX, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Trophy Club, Keller, and beyond.

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