Why Visit a Holistic Dentist for Oral Health Emergencies?

May 15, 2024

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A dental emergency can happen at any time. Whether you come down with a sudden toothache or accidentally chip a tooth when you are playing sports, it is important that you receive professional care as soon as possible. But should you visit a conventional dentist or a holistic dentist? The decision is up to you. However, you can expect to experience some definite benefits when you partner with a holistic practitioner.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Work?

When you visit a conventional dentist for emergency care, they will examine your mouth and recommend a treatment plan to restore your oral function and help you get out of pain as soon as possible.

A holistic dentist, such as Dr. Thomas, will also do that. However, she goes a step further. Instead of focusing simply on your teeth and gums, she also considers how your condition may be affecting other aspects of your health and life. Based on her vast knowledge of the interconnectedness of the human body, she can design a treatment plan that supports both your smile and your head-to-toe wellness.

The Holistic Treatment Process for Dental Emergencies

Here is a basic overview of what you can expect when you visit Dr. Thomas and our team for emergency treatment:

  • A thorough examination. We will learn about your symptoms and use advanced imaging equipment to understand the exact nature of your problem.
  • A conversation about your treatment options. We will help you understand the pros and cons of any treatment plan we recommend.
  • Comfortable care. We always strive to approach treatment in a way that considers patient comfort and is as conservative as possible. Our goal is to use biocompatible materials and treatment methods that pose as little risk to your overall health as possible.
  • Preventive measures. Depending on what caused your emergency, we may recommend that you take steps to prevent something similar from happening in the future. For example, we may advise dietary changes or urge you to make adjustments to your oral hygiene routine.
  • Follow-up. Dr. Thomas may wish to see you sometime after your emergency appointment so she can check on your recovery and establish a plan for your long-term oral wellness.

A dental emergency should have as little impact on your life as possible! A holistic dentist can help you deal with the situation, get out of pain, and reduce the risk of future incidents.

Meet Dr. Thomas

Dr. Preetha Thomas started her career in India, but she has served patients in the U.S. now for many years. She always takes a conservative, holistic approach to care, and she is almost always able to see emergency patients on a same-day basis. If you are struggling with a severe toothache or other urgent oral health problem, contact Enclave Dental at 817-912-1218 to learn how she and our team may be able to help you.

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