Myofascial Release and Myofunctional Therapy: Understanding Their Role in a Healthy Smile

August 16, 2023

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If you have tongue tie, TMD, or another condition that adversely affects the ability of your oral structures to function properly, you should certainly seek care. Dr. Thomas can evaluate the situation and recommend a treatment. Part of her plan for you might include both myofascial release and myofunctional therapy. What exactly are these two treatments, and how might they benefit you? This blog post explains.

Myofascial Release

The myofascial tissue is a network of tissues that connects muscles, joints, and bones. It is present throughout the body. It has numerous trigger points, areas that can cause significant pain and discomfort when they are too tight.

Myofascial release is a form of therapeutic massage that involves placing continuous pressure on those trigger points to encourage them to relax. It can have whole-body benefits and is sometimes offered by massage therapists and orthopedic physicians.

Dr. Thomas also often uses myofascial release therapy as part of her holistic approach to patient care. It may be beneficial after a frenectomy (a minor surgery used to treat tongue and lip tie) and as part of TMJ therapy. It can contribute to pain relief and overall improvements in oral function.

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is a form of physical therapy that focuses on the face, mouth, and tongue. Dr. Thomas often recommends it as part of a patient’s recovery from lip and/or tongue tie because it can train a person to properly use their oral structures. For example, it can help you to hold your tongue and lower jaw in their proper resting positions. In turn, this can encourage proper swallowing and a reduction in discomfort around the head and neck.

Myofunctional therapy is usually supervised by a professional myofunctional therapist, but at-home exercises are often an important part of a patient’s road to recovery.

How do Myofascial Release and Myofunctional Therapy Work Together?

Myofascial release and myofunctional therapy are quite different in their objectives and the techniques they employ. However, they can beautifully complement one another to help patients find relief from a range of symptoms, including jaw pain, teeth grinding and clenching, swallowing difficulties, and more.

Myofascial release and myofunctional therapy are both noninvasive treatments that can help your smile — and your entire body — to thrive. If you have questions about them and how they work, talk to Dr. Thomas during your next appointment at Enclave Dental.

Meet Dr. Thomas

Dr. Preetha Thomas is an experienced holistic dentist in Southlake who genuinely desires to help patients enjoy improved overall wellness. Myofascial release, tongue tie treatment, and many other services are available in her office. To learn more about how she and our team may be able to assist you, contact us at 817-912-1218.

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