3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth This Winter

March 8, 2023

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How has your mouth felt lately? Texas has had an unusually cold winter this year, and many people are experiencing discomfort related to their lips, teeth, or other portions of their oral cavity. How can you manage such problems and enjoy a problem-free smile until the weather starts to warm up? Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy mouth this winter:

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Dry winter air can suck the moisture right out of the delicate skin on your lips. As a result, they might feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, they might crack or bleed. To protect your lips, it would be wise to use a lip balm.

There are lots of excellent lip balms on the market. Try to lean toward those with natural ingredients; they are less likely to have dangerous chemicals that could adversely affect your health.

To get the most out of your lip balm, gently exfoliate your lips before you apply it. You can use a bit of sugar or salt mixed with water to do the exfoliating, or you can buy a gentle lip scrub. Removing dead, dry skin will allow moisturizing products to work more effectively.

Stay Hydrated

Reduced humidity in the winter can lead to a dry mouth, which in turn can increase your risk of cavities, bad breath, and other oral health problems. You can fight this issue by drinking plenty of water.

Lots of people do not drink enough water during winter because they do not want to consume any cold liquids. If that is true of you, remember that there is nothing wrong with heating your water up. Alternatively, you could sip on a hot, caffeine-free tea to boost your hydration levels.

Protect Sensitive Teeth

Cold air can irritate sensitive teeth, causing you to experience sharp pains. You can protect your teeth by doing your best to breathe through your nose whenever you are in a cold environment. In extremely chilly weather, wearing a balaclava to cover your mouth may be a good idea.

Of course, it would also be smart to give your dentist a call. They can examine your teeth to determine the true cause of the sensitivity. For example, you might have thin tooth enamel, a cavity, or receding gums. Identifying such issues can be the first step toward long-term management of your dental sensitivity.

Winter can wreak havoc on your smile. Hopefully, the above tips will help to keep you healthy and comfortable this winter.

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