A Brief Guide to Using Essential Oils for Sleep Apnea

February 16, 2022

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Essential oils in Southlake are extremely popular among natural health enthusiasts, and for good reason. They are useful in addressing a range of conditions. Did you know that they could even help you cope with symptoms of sleep apnea? While they cannot replace treatment from a medical or dental professional, they do offer some benefits that promote higher-quality sleep. Let’s talk about a few essential oils that you might want to consider using.


If you have a cold or allergies, your airway may become congested, which can worsen snoring and sleep apnea in Southlake. Fortunately, eucalyptus presents a natural way to reduce that congestion. Many people enjoy placing eucalyptus oil in a diffuser and breathing it in. Others take advantage of it by purchasing over the counter chest rubs that contain eucalyptus as a key ingredient.


Peppermint oil is widely used for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce airway congestion. It can also help to clear out the sinuses and promote easier nasal breathing during sleep. Many people find that inhaling diffused peppermint oil can reduce snoring and even lessen the severity of sleep apnea.


Lavender is well-known for its ability to reduce anxiety; it has mild sedative effects that can promote a calm state of mind. People with sleep apnea who find it difficult to fall asleep at night may stand to benefit from lavender essential oil. Even better, individuals who use lavender essential oil often spend more time in the deeper stages of sleep, which is essential for high-quality rest.


Have you ever enjoyed a cup of chamomile tea before bed and found that it was easier for you to fall asleep? Chamomile essential oil offers similar benefits. It may help you fall asleep by binding with benzodiazepine receptors in your body, which are partly responsible for promoting relaxation.


Bergamot which gives earl grey tea its distinct flavor and aroma, may be less well-known than other essential oils, but it is still highly beneficial. It has mood-enhancing qualities, and it promotes high-quality sleep. A small study from 2019 found that patients who slept with cotton balls infused with bergamot and other essential oils woke up less often and experienced more restful sleep.

How to Use Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Essential oils can be breathed in through a diffuser, applied topically, or used in other ways. They can also be combined to enhance their effects. You may have to experiment with different brands and blends of oils before you find a routine that works for you. You might also have to consult with your doctor to find out if any essential oils could interact with your current medications.

Essential oils may be a wonderful complement to your regular sleep apnea treatment. Why not give them a try?

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Preetha Thomas is a holistic dentist in Southlake who strongly advocates natural, conservative treatments. If you would like to speak with her about any oral health related concerns, including sleep apnea, she would be happy to answer your questions. Contact our practice at 817-912-1218.

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