Holistic Dentist in Southlake Recommends These 4 Supplements

August 15, 2017

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My holistic dentist in Southlake offers better care. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that what you eat plays a big role in your oral and overall health. Are you getting the right nutrients to support your teeth and gums? Even people who try to maintain a good diet can benefit from taking a supplement, or an extra boost of a certain vitamin or mineral, usually in pill form. Keep reading to find out which supplements are recommended by your holistic dentist in Southlake, Dr. Preetha Thomas.

#1: Magnesium for Bone Loss

People who are at-risk for osteoporosis or bone loss should add magnesium to their supplement/vitamin intake, says Dr. Thomas. The mineral helps your body absorb calcium and aids in the formation of strong bones and teeth, making it an important addition in the fight against missing teeth for older adults. Magnesium is found naturally in leafy greens, nuts, beans, seeds, and whole grains. White flours and polished rices have had magnesium removed. Magnesium deficiency may be experienced as muscle cramps, twitches, and even unrefreshed sleep.

#2: Iodine Fights Dry Mouth

One of the most common signs of an iodine deficiency is dry mouth. Iodine is stored in the salivary glands, and without enough of the mineral, your body has difficulty producing adequate saliva to keep your mouth clean, healthy, and smelling fresh. Adding an iodine supplement can help increase saliva production to fight gum disease and tooth decay. The mineral can also be found naturally in fish, shellfish, and seaweed.

#3: Coenzyme Q10 for Gum Health

It may sound like an ingredient for your child’s next science experiment, but coenzyme Q10 (coQ10) is an antioxidant your body produces to aid in basic cell function and healing. Patients who have had gum disease really need coQ10 for proper healing of the periodontal tissue. It may also aid in the treatment of dry mouth. Levels of coQ10 decrease with age, though, meaning supplements are necessary to ensure your body continues to benefit from the antioxidant.

#4: Vitamin C Promotes Collagen Growth

Vitamin C, which is abundant in citrus fruits and leafy greens, is vitally important for the collagen growth that supports healthy gums. Getting plenty of the vitamin will help keep your teeth where they should be in the periodontal tissue and also aid in recovery of gum recession after periodontal (gum) disease. Picking up a daily vitamin C supplement or simply adding more citrus to your diet can really boost your oral and overall wellbeing. Just remember to rinse your mouth out with water after eating acidic fruit to avoid wearing away at your tooth enamel.

Got Questions for Your Southlake Dentist?

Ask away! We are always available to discuss your oral and overall health, including which supplements may be especially beneficial for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. You can also request an appointment online for a checkup and cleaning or any other service this month!

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