Southlake Dentist Dr. Thomas Discusses Probiotics and Oral Health

May 6, 2016

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Southlake dentistSince the mid-1990s, probiotics have become popular among people looking for ways to improve digestive health. What are probiotics? Essentially, probiotics are bacteria that are good for your health and well-being. Up until recently, these do-gooders were mostly thought to improve a person’s digestive system. However, there is now reason to believe that probiotics can also play a significant role in helping to maintain good oral health, as well. Therefore, Southlake dentist Dr. Preetha Thomas would like to offer the following information about how probiotics can help you have a healthier mouth and smile.

Probiotics and You

Probiotics are found naturally in the human body. They are also in some foods—yogurt, soft cheeses, miso soup, sourdough bread, sour pickles and sauerkraut to name a few—and they are now sold as supplements, too.

How do probiotics improve oral health?

In short, probiotics go after the bacteria and other pathogens in your mouth that can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and halitosis, or bad breath.

  • According to evidence reported in Caries Research, using a mouth rinse containing probiotics can reduce plaque buildup by 20 percent.
  • The Swedish Dental Journal published a study that found a particular probiotic reduced the incidence of bleeding gums in people with gingivitis, the early phase of gum disease.
  • Probiotics can also reduce the production of sulfur compounds that lead to bad breath.
  • Cancer Prevention Research notes that probiotics may help reduce the risk of oral cancer.

What’s the secret to probiotics?

Probiotics prevent the bacteria and other pathogens in your mouth from multiplying and causing oral health problems. These good bacteria also strengthen your immune system and help fight against infection, including gum disease. Probiotics also produce an environment in your mouth that is less receptive to the growth of bacteria. And probiotics may reduce inflammation, a consequence of gum disease that not only affects your oral health, but your overall health, too. The same inflammation that causes red, swollen or bleeding gums has been linked to other inflammatory illnesses, such as heart disease and stroke. Moreover, probiotics can stimulate new bone growth, which can be helpful in repairing bone deterioration that results from advanced periodontitis.

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If you would like more information about how probiotics can help you and your family enjoy improved oral health, contact Enclave Dental. Your dentist in Southlake, TX, Dr. Thomas and her staff are eager to provide you with total dental care.

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