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A Holistic Dentist’s Take on Kids’ Oral Health

November 21, 2018

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little boy smiling beside plantGetting your child to take good care of their teeth can feel like something of an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to. Your holistic dentist in Southlake recommends a few tricks of the trade below, including setting a good example, keeping a full stock of supplies on hand, and involving your child in the process. Keep reading to find out how you can get your child started on the path to a smile that lasts a lifetime.


A Holistic Dentist Explains the Meridian Tooth Chart

November 7, 2018

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meridian tooth chartIt’s easy to forget sometimes, but your oral health is closely linked to the rest of your body. That means that when a tooth becomes injured or infected, you may have a problem with the organ(s) that it is connected to, as well. This phenomenon occurs along what are known as the acupuncture meridians, and your holistic dentist in Southlake uses the 12 meridian chart to treat your whole body rather than simply focusing on covering up symptoms. Keep reading to learn more about the 12 meridians and how this concept can help you to improve balance and become more in-tune with your oral and overall health.


Laser Treatment for Lip and Tongue Tie from Holistic Dentist

October 17, 2018

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portrait of a smiling babyLip and tongue tie are not at all uncommon for babies — and when either is present, they need to be corrected to prevent issues with nutrition, speech, and oral development. Visiting a holistic dentist in Southlake can help your baby enjoy a more comfortable and easier frenectomy (the procedure for treating lip/tongue tie). Keep reading to learn why a dentist like Dr. Thomas prefers the CO2 soft tissue laser for frenectomies.


Teething Remedies from a Holistic Dentist in Southlake

October 3, 2018

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crawling babyTeething can be a challenging time for baby, parents, and babysitters alike. You want to soothe the pain, but you don’t want to do so at the risk of their oral or overall health. How can you ease discomfort caused by teething naturally? Turn to a holistic dentist in Southlake. Below, we cover some natural remedies for babies getting their first few teeth.


Holistic Dentist Discusses Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy

September 19, 2018

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woman thumbs up dental chairPeriodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the gum tissue that can lead to tooth loss and other side effects if it is not managed properly. If you require periodontal therapy, keep reading to find out why it’s a good idea to visit a holistic dentist in Southlake. Using advanced tools with a whole-health centered approach, this type of dentist can help to restore your oral health to protect your general wellbeing.


Family Dentist on What Children’s Smiles Need

September 5, 2018

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child's smile with dental toolsLike all parents, you want the very best for your child — and that involves helping them enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. Lasting oral health begins during childhood, when important hygiene habits are first instilled. Did you know that routine visits to the dentist should begin around age 1? It may seem early, but getting a head start on dental care is an important aspect of lasting oral health. Keep reading to learn more about children’s dentistry (and why it matters) from your family dentist in Southlake.


4 Major Benefits of Seeing a Holistic Dentist in Southlake

August 15, 2018

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couple having coffee at homeYour oral health is closely linked to your general well-being, which means that protecting your smile will help you stay healthier overall. Visiting a dentist who understands this mouth-body connection is important — and there is perhaps no one who knows it better than a holistic dentist. Compared to traditional dentistry, a holistic dentist views the body as a whole, and recognizes that the mouth is an integral part of the greater system. Keep reading to learn more about the 4 biggest benefits of visiting a holistic dentist in Southlake!


There’s Hope Beyond a CPAP for Sleep Apnea in Southlake

August 1, 2018

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older couple at a professional consultationThere’s an old adage saying that the cure for anything shouldn’t be worse than the disease — but unfortunately, that’s exactly how many people feel about CPAP therapy for sleep apnea. This bulky and noisy machine often creates more issues for the sufferer than the original snoring and interrupted sleep. Finding a successful treatment is crucial for sleep apnea in Southlake, and your holistic dentist can help you find an alternative to CPAP! Continue reading to find out how.


How Sleep Apnea in Southlake Can Affect Your Brain

July 18, 2018

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woman who can't sleepSleep apnea is a common condition that affects nearly 18 million people in the United States — many of whom do not realize there is a serious problem at the root of their chronic snoring and tossing and turning. The effect sleep apnea has on the brain can be especially worrisome, including memory loss, difficulty completing everyday tasks, and more. Fortunately, seeking sleep apnea treatment in Southlake can help to reverse these problems for better general health.


Here’s Your Holistic Dentist in Southlake’s Take on Gluten

July 3, 2018

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gluten imageGluten is a common protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale (a cross between barley and rye). People who have celiac disease must stay away from gluten to avoid symptoms like inflammation, digestive issues, and other problems stemming from the protein. People who do not have celiac disease may also want to stay away from gluten to enjoy a number of health benefits — including more energy, weight loss, and better overall health.


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