Tongue Tie and Beyond!

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Most people think a baby has a simple tongue tie and a frenectomy will automatically solve all the problems that indicated a tongue tie was present. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

A tongue tie is a symptom of a problem in the fascial system. The fascia is a continuous web that connects every cell in the body from head to foot. It connects all the organs and other body systems so it can grow and develop as it should. If the fascial system is not working properly, if certain areas are too tight or other areas are too loose, the body cannot develop properly. A tongue tie is not just connected to the floor of the mouth, it is connected all the way to the sacrum. It is preventing normal craniosacral rhythm.

A properly working tongue should make a wave motion so that as the baby grows, it shapes the palate allowing the baby to suckle and chew. It helps the throat to develop for proper breathing, the eustachian tube to drain to prevent ear infections, the enzymes, antibodies, digestive fluids and other components of the gut microbiome to grow and develop for proper digestion, and a thousand other functions of growth.

When there is a tongue tie, the tongue cannot move. Think of the tongue as you would a balloon that is held down by ten strings (the fascial connections to the rest of the body). The one string, the tongue tie is visible upon examination. The other nine are invisible to the naked eye, x-ray and other tests.

If you only cut the tongue tie, one string, the tongue has a tiny bit of movement but it still cannot make the wave motion, properly shape the palate or allow for normal development. If these issues are not addressed, they will remain and worsen throughout life, possibly indicated by toe walking, anxiety, reflux, migraines, sleep apnea, ADD, and more extensive issues.

Fascial Integrative Therapy can release the other nine strings. It can release the tightness in the back of the throat so swallowing can occur without gagging and choking, it can release the tightness around the dural tube so the head can bend slightly forward to grab the nipple, it can release the restrictions that are constantly triggering the sympathetic nervous system so the baby can develop the parasympathetic nervous system and relax into mom’s arms as she feeds it.

In a perfect world, all babies would receive a fascial system evaluation at birth. Receiving Fascial Integrative Therapy before a frenectomy is like releasing nine of the strings holding the tongue in place so when the frenectomy is done the tongue has freedom of movement and then can learn the wave motion and gain strength as it is used.

Frankie Burget, OTR/LC, LMT/MI, BCIM, BCIP, CST, SEP, CNDT, developer of Fascial Integrative Therapy®, owner of Windsong Therapy and Wellness, Inc., Bedford, TX

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